Indium Bonding

TCB's indium bonding techniques have been developed and honed from years of experience in providing solutions for sputtering target bonding applications.  We have driven the industry in developing higher performance back side metallization techniques that improve the quality of the bond.

Our proprietary back side metallization of substrates ensures a reliable void-free bond. The tri-layer coating creates excellent adhesion for all substrates and establishes a barrier layer to prevent unwanted alloying with the Indium from occurring. The result is improved adhesion and increased thermal conductivity.

The high quality of our indium bonds has given us a competitive edge and we now bond approximately 70% of the non-semiconductor bonded sputtering targets in the US. Key advantages: low melting point; ability to creep and remove stress as dissimilar materials cool; reduced warpage.


Bonding Facts:

Indium bonding is done at temperatures of 170C and is considered a soldering process.


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