TCB has successfully introduced Elastomeric bonding to a
number of industries. As a result, use of Elastomer has now become a viable alternative to other bonding systems; its acceptance has been building and expanding due to many unique benefits.

TCB has developed several types of Elastomer materials and application techniques to handle many electrical and thermal requirements.

Major Features of TCB Elastomer Bonds

  • Elastomer Bond material can be handled and dispensed with great precision, so we are able to assure bond reproducibility.

  • Uniformity and distribution of an Elastomer bond can be easily controlled using our techniques.

  • Elastomer Bond material has been proven capable of creating a reliable joint between most any combination of materials.

  • Assemblies, when finished in initial use, can be rebonded with new components, using our bonding systems and techniques.

  • Elastomer Bond results in a stress free assembly in application.

  • Elastomer bonding systems have a NASA ‘A’ rating for use in high vacuum applications.

  • Elastomer Bonds are ductile and can handle bonding dissimilar materials.

  • Elastomer Bond can handle bonding large surface areas of dissimilar materials.

  • Elastomer Bond is well suited for bonding of fragile materials.

  • Elastomer Bonding material has been demonstrated to have no effect in application of resulting assembly.

  • Elastomer Bond Material useful operating temperature range is above many other bonding systems.

  • TCB Elastomer bonds are electrically conductive.

  • Elastomer Bond Material can be managed in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Elastomer Bond material is cost competitive with any other bonding system.

TCB has a number of patents and IP on the use of Elastomer Bond material for various applications. Let us demonstrate our expertise in the use of this material by providing solutions to your bonding applications. Give us a call or request a quote to see how we can help you.












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